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Why Should Americans Vote?

I know this is a little off our normal topic but with the election just a few days off, I thought this video hit home.

I know our readers are smart enough to know the Method of Operation (MO) by Liberals is:

1. They try to bribe you – if that doesn’t work then they

2.  Threaten you with physical danger or lawsuits – if that doesn’t work then they

3. Attack you personally and attack yor character even if they have to make up lies.

Remember the saying – “The Truth Will Set You Free” and the truth wins in the end. Please share these two videos and thanks to our loyal readers for indulging me with this post.

Floridians should take note regarding Alex Sink and Rick Scott. Watch this video from the debate Monday night October 25, 2010.  Just so you know – I endorse Rick Scott.


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