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Why Should Americans Vote?

I know this is a little off our normal topic but with the election just a few days off, I thought this video hit home.

I know our readers are smart enough to know the Method of Operation (MO) by Liberals is:

1. They try to bribe you – if that doesn’t work then they

2.  Threaten you with physical danger or lawsuits – if that doesn’t work then they

3. Attack you personally and attack yor character even if they have to make up lies.

Remember the saying – “The Truth Will Set You Free” and the truth wins in the end. Please share these two videos and thanks to our loyal readers for indulging me with this post.

Floridians should take note regarding Alex Sink and Rick Scott. Watch this video from the debate Monday night October 25, 2010.  Just so you know – I endorse Rick Scott.


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Arizona Banks Rated

Arizona Banks Better Than Illinois

Detective Krum Investigates

Detective Krum

By: Detective Krum

I reported in the last edition, the banks in Arizona appear to be in better condition than the banks in Illinois. Senator Obama serves in the 13th District for Illinois and I reported there appears to be about 200 banks in jeopardy of failing, see the post titled Obama-land Bank Failures. Despite Senator Obama’s living in the area and working for the great people of Illinois, 200 banks in a potential failing condition should be alarming. Yet Arizona came in as follows:

Bank Rating Bank Name

E+ First National Scottsdale, Arizona

That was it for banks specific to an (E) rating. Again (A) rating is best (E & F) rating worst and red flags go up and depositors should move their deposits into a safer bank before failure. I am not giving financial advice and anyone reading this information reads and uses this information at their own risk. This information is all public record and if you copy our material, please give a link back to

Looking at Banks with a (D) rating in Arizona

Bank Rating Bank Name

D Bank 1440 Peoria, AZ

D Choice Bank Scottsdale, AZ

D+ Desert Hills Bank Phoenix, AZ

D Gold Canyon Bank Gold Canyon, AZ

D+ Legacy Bank Scottsdale, AZ

D+ Mesa Bank Mesa, AZ

D Mission Bank Kingman, AZ

D Republic Bank AZ Phoenix, AZ

D Sonoran Bank Phoenix, AZ

What was interesting is ( 29 of the 47 banks with a (D) rating) are insurance or insurance related companies and 18 are regular style banks. So putting this together:

Arizona appears to have 52 failing institutions. Of these 52 institutions 33 are insurance related companies and not what people consider a bank. Overall, Arizona appears to have 19 banks (18 with a D rating and 1 with an E rating) which are in danger of possibly failing while Illinois has 200. Could you say, where Senator Obama has been on guard, bank failures appear four times higher than where Senator McCain has been on guard? If I were to look at how many of the institutions in John McCain’s state are in a position to possibly fail, I see most are insurance related. Could the fact that most of the companies that appear to be failing in Arizona are insurance companies due to illegal immigration? Could illegal immigration be burdening insurance companies in Arizona so much that the insurance companies are likely to fail? You have to decide. If the insurance companies fail due to illegal immigration, how does that affect legal citizens? One other footnote here: I did not or have not voted for John McCain in any election or primary to this date. I voted for a different candidate. One other point, this information is available through FDIC.

Now onto the (A & B) rated in Arizona:

A+ Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona

B Country Bank Prescott, AZ

B+ Foothills Bank Yuma, AZ

B Commerce Bank Tucson

Please leave any comments or questions in the comment section.

Thank you

Detective Krum

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