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Yes about 50 more banks shut down and when people ask why the large banks seem to swallow up the smaller banks, I finally found a great explanation.

This video is about 28 minutes and if you watch the complete video, you will understand what the American banks are doing with your money.

One other note: I want to thank The Property Patrol for supporting our efforts. Please visit their website here.

Enjoy this video:


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How Banks Steal Your Money

Detective Krum

A great video from MSNBC explaining how Goldman Sacks has stolen your money.

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Goldman Sachs is a conspiracy with the government?

Detective Krum

In plain English, a derivative in real estate means a value on real estate property that was decided upon various factors.  When the banks have a percentage of their portfolio in derivatives it means the banks have loans on real estate where the loan value is based upon various factors.  What are the various factors? Tranches are one example. A Tranche is a package of loans. The bottom line? Loans were made on real property not based on fair market appraisals but on how many loans are put into a package of loans (tranches) and a speculation of what the property value should or could be (derivative).  So why am I writing about this?

I read a very good article on World Net Daily. An interesting point I want to mention is quoted.

“According to the latest numbers from the Treasury Department, JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs are holding the bag on 60 percent of the world’s derivatives – an astonishing $120 trillion between them, Still reports.

But instead of being held responsible for the collapse of the world economy, they were rewarded during the debacle by being allowed to absorb their primary competitors.”

“JPMorgan was the biggest winner in the government bailouts, after receiving a $25 billion loan, it gobbled up Bear Stearns‘ assets for about two cents on the dollar and then the assets of Washington Mutual – the nation’s largest failed bank – for less than a penny on the dollar. Goldman Sachs received approximately $50 billion, but both firms have now repaid the government.”

“According to Treasury figures at the end of June, Morgan held a staggering $80 trillion in derivative exposure, 50 times more than its $1.6 trillion in assets. Goldman Sachs is in an even more precarious condition. It holds $40 trillion in derivatives backed by assets of only $120 billion – a leverage of 333-to-1.

“To put this into perspective,” said Still, “The Gross Domestic Product of the United States is a mere $14 trillion. Even the world GDP is only $65 trillion, and the best estimate of the worth of everything in the world is only $200 trillion. That’s how big these numbers are.”

“Mega-investor Wayne Rogers is certainly not shy about identifying the problem. On “Cashing In” on the Fox News Channel Saturday, he put it this way: “Goldman Sachs is a conspiracy with the government. They are a fascist organization. They are supplying the guy who is the secretary of the Treasury, then he goes back to Goldman Sachs. Meantime he owns 800,000 shares of Goldman Sachs and Goldman Sachs gets bailed out by the government. The whole thing is outrageous. Let them go down.”

Read the rest of the article from World Net Daily here and there is a short four minute video you might find interesting.





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