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Yes about 50 more banks shut down and when people ask why the large banks seem to swallow up the smaller banks, I finally found a great explanation.

This video is about 28 minutes and if you watch the complete video, you will understand what the American banks are doing with your money.

One other note: I want to thank The Property Patrol for supporting our efforts. Please visit their website here.

Enjoy this video:


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33 Florida Banks in Trouble as of August 2010

Detective Krum

More Florida Banks appear to be in trouble- 33 Florida banks to be exact and the list is here.  It appears some Florida banks are teetering on the brink of collapse. I have taken a few minutes to update a few of the Florida banks I believe may fail and go into receivership soon.  Remember, FDIC usually and I emphasize usually, waits until a Friday and goes in late on a Friday to close a bank.  You may want to consider moving your money from our list of failing banks very soon.

Banks in real trouble in Florida. (Note: It appears that SunTrust Bank is still in a very weak position. SunTrust Bank runs advertising saying they are strong and secure but the numbers appear to reflect a very weak condition.

AmericanFirst Bank in Clermont, Florida

Bank of Bonifay in Bonifay, Florida

Bank of Florida in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Bank of Florida in Naples, Florida

Bank of Florida in Tampa, Florida

Bank of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida

Bayside Savings Bank in Port St. Joe, Florida

Coastal Community Bank in Panama City, Florida

Community National Bank in Bartow, Florida

First Bank in Jacksonville, Florida

First Capital Bank in Marianna, Florida

First City Bank in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida

First Federal Bank in Palatka, Florida

First Guaranty Bank & Trust in Jacksonville, Florida

First Peoples Bank in Port St. Lucie, Florida

First Capital Bank in Jacksonville, Florida

Gulf State Community Bank in Carrabelle, Florida

Haven Trust Bank in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Horizon  Bank in Bradenton, Florida

Independent Bankers Bank in Lake Mary, Florida

Independent National Bank in Ocala, Florida

Landmark Bank in Sarasota, Florida

Metro Bank in Miami, Florida (very likely to close real soon)

Oceanside Bank in Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Old Harbor Bank in Clearwater, Florida

Patriot Bank in Trinity, Florida

Premier Bank in Tallahassee, Florida

Putnam State Bank in Palatka, Florida

Riverside National Bank in Ft. Pierce, Florida

SouthBank in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Southshore Community Bank in Apollo Beach, Florida

Sunrise Bank in Cocoa Beach, Florida

Sunshine State Community Bank in Port Orange, Florida

TIB Bank in Naples, Florida

Tumberry Bank in Aventura, Florida (Likely to fail very soon)

Wakulla Bank in Crawfordville, Florida

Disclaimer: This post reflecting banks appearing to be in financial trouble does not assume these banks will fail however, in our opinion these banks have a strong possibility of failing and you should seek legal counsel before making a decision regarding any of our posts.

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20 Large Banks In Trouble

The latest report from Weiss Group ( see here) shows 20 of the largest banks in America could fail. The ratings for these banks appear very weak. One might ask, “What did the banks do with their bailout money?”  Evidence reflects they may have used taxpayer bailout money to invest and profit take for their bank and/or possibly CEOs while raising credit card interest rates and stiffening loan qualifications for the taxpayers who bailed them out.

Don’t get me wrong. Is it a bad thing to require loan applicants prove they have the money, credit rating and income to pay for a mortgage on a property? I say no, it is not wrong. When customers with good credit scores, good payment history and solid performance have to pay the way for credit weasels through higher interest rates and
when banks profit through investing using taxpayer funds, ya gotta love the federal reserve system.

Clearly the international bankers profit taking is not and I repeat not because of the free market system, it is the federal reserve system. The Federal Reserve is not a government agency yet it does business with the federal government. Congress has the authority to coin money through the US Treasury so why have the Federal Reserve? Why have a bunch of international bankers fix our money issues causing inflation, deflation and recessions?

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Banks and Insurance Companies Fail

Detective Krum

Detective Krum

Bank failures bring federal agencies into play including FDIC where deposits are insured up to $100,000. Any depositor with over $100,000 in one account will lose the difference. Two more banks failed on Friday September 18, 2009 Irwin Union Bank of Louisville, Kentucky and Irwin Union Bank & Trust of  Columbus, Indiana which had an (E) rating on the scale (A) the best and (E) the worst.

Insurance companies are regulated mainly by state regulators.  When an insurance company fails, the state insurance commissioner becomes the CEO of the failed insurance company.  State insurance commissioners are elected by the people. In the current economic condition, you may want to rethink how you vote for insurance commissioners.

Below is a list of insurance companies which are considered very weak and investors are suggesting you sell your investments in the following insurance companies:

Name Recommendation Rating
Alabama Life Reins SELL E+
American Century Life SELL E
American Home Life SELL E
American Life & Annuity SELL E
Cass County Life SELL E
Continental Life of SC SELL E
Cosmopolitan Life SELL E+
Destiny Health Ins SELL E+
Directors Life Asr SELL E
Dixie Life SELL E-
Escude Life SELL E-
Evangeline Life SELL E+
First American Life Ins SELL E+
Great Republic Life SELL E+
Kilpatrick Life SELL E-
La Cruz Azul de Puerto Rico SELL E-
Landmark Life SELL E+
Lewis Life SELL E+
Mothe Life SELL E-
Mulhearn Protective Ins SELL E
NetCare Life & Health Ins SELL E
North America Life of TX SELL E
Provident American Ins SELL E+
Reliable Life SELL E+
Rhodes Life of LA SELL E
Senior American Life SELL E+
Southern Security Life SELL E+
Texas International Life SELL E+
Texas Memorial Life Ins SELL E-
Universal Life SELL E

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Weak Bank List as of 9/18/2009 Part 2

Detective Krum

Detective Krum

We continue to list weak banks from around the country (America). Please read our disclaimer from our previous weak banks lists.

There are nearly 400 banks considered very weak around the country and recommendations have been made by some to sell all holdings in the weak banks to save potential headaches and fortune losses. Remember, FDIC is back to $100,000 of insurance so if you have over $100,000 in a bank account, you can loose your money over $100,000.

Here is a list of Arkansas weak banks:

Name Recommendation Rating
Legacy National Bank SELL E+
Southern Bank of Commerce SELL E-

Alaska does NOT have any weak banks.

Connecticut has these weak banks:

Name Recommendation Rating
Castle Bank & Trust SELL E+
Darien Rowayton Bank SELL E-
Patriot National SELL E

Hawaii and Idaho do not have any weak banks.

Louisiana  has the following weak banks.

Name Recommendation Rating
Central Progressive Bank SELL E
Statewide Bank SELL E

We will look at connections to these weak banks in future posts.

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