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12 Banks Fail in October 2010

Detective Krum

September 2010 saw 9 banks fail and October isn’t over yet and 12 banks have already failed. So how are we doing for the year. Here is the report.

Bank Failures 2010                                                          Bank Failures 2009

January 2010  – 15 banks failed      ————–                  6

February 2010 – 7 banks failed       —————              10

March 2010 – 19 banks failed          —————-                5

April 2010 – 23 banks failed             —————–              8

May 2010 – 14 banks failed              —————-                7

June 2010 – 8 banks failed               —————-                 9

July 2010 – 22 banks failed              —————–            24

August 2010 – 10 banks failed           ——————           15

September 2010 – 9 banks failed         ——————           11

October 2010 – 12 banks have failed so far. ———–          20

November 2010 –                                         —————–             9

December 2010 –                                         —————–            16

That makes 139 banks have failed since January 1, 2010.  From January 1, 2009 until December 31, 2009 140 banks failed.  If you look at the bank failures you notice the bailouts did NOT stop bank failures as alleged.  What banks failed in this October? Here is the list:


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Why Should Americans Vote?

I know this is a little off our normal topic but with the election just a few days off, I thought this video hit home.

I know our readers are smart enough to know the Method of Operation (MO) by Liberals is:

1. They try to bribe you – if that doesn’t work then they

2.  Threaten you with physical danger or lawsuits – if that doesn’t work then they

3. Attack you personally and attack yor character even if they have to make up lies.

Remember the saying – “The Truth Will Set You Free” and the truth wins in the end. Please share these two videos and thanks to our loyal readers for indulging me with this post.

Floridians should take note regarding Alex Sink and Rick Scott. Watch this video from the debate Monday night October 25, 2010.  Just so you know – I endorse Rick Scott.

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How Banks Steal Your Money

Detective Krum

A great video from MSNBC explaining how Goldman Sacks has stolen your money.

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11 Banks Fail in September and October


Detective Krum


In September 2010 we see nine banks failed.

Horizon Bank in Bradenton, Florida

ISN Bank in Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Bank of Ellijay in Ellijay, Georgia

First Commerce Community Bank in Douglasville, Georgia

The People’s Bank in Winder, Georgia

Bramble Savings Bank in Milford, Ohio

Maritime Savings Bank in West Allis, Wisconsin

Haven Trust Bank Florida in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

North County Bank in Arlington, Washington


October 2010 reports reflect two bank failures as of October 11, 2010. We expect more failures in October because most banks that were going to fail with a flicker of trouble, have failed. The bank failures now have been about 10-15 failures per month compared to 20-30 per month a short year to six months ago. As the international bankers who own and run the federal reserve continue a lax fiscal policy, we expect to see more banks fail to possibly prop up the globalist owned banks like JP Morgan, Goldman Sacks, Bank of America and other large banks. It appears the lax fiscal policy in America may be to bankrupt the world or just America. However, precious metals and commodities appear to be safest.

The two banks that failed so far, for October:

Wakulla Bank in Crawfordville, Florida and

Shoreline Bank in Shoreline, Washington


What is the importance of the recent mortgage foreclosure meltdown? We will explore that next time. Be sure to vote at the bottom of our posts if you like our post or not. Thanks to our faithful readers and thank you for all your emails.


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