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5 Credit Unions in Florida Poised to Fail?

Detective Krum

As of August 25, 2010 our credit union report follows.

There are about 180 Credit Unions in Florida. Credit Unions appear to be in much better financial shape than banks in Florida and I suspect, throughout the country. Of the roughly 180 Credit Unions, we see five specific Florida Credit Unions that are very weak and have a good chance to fail.

Credit Unions are rated by stars. One star means they are very, very weak and five stars means they are very strong. Five stars is like an ( A ) bank rating and one star is equivalent to an (E) rating.

I am listing what appears to be the very weak Credit Unions in Florida that have a strong chance of failing possibly this year.

Darden Employees F.C.U.  in Orlando, Florida

Florida Episcopal F.C.U. in Orlando, Florida

Keys Federal Credit Union in Key West, Florida

Tampa Bay Federal Credit Union in Tampa, Florida

Tampa Longshorman’s has no rating

St. James A.M.E. Church F.C.U. in Miami has no rating

SCORE Federal Credit Union in Tallahassee, Florida is rated zero

POC Federal Credit Union in St. Petersburg, Florida has no rating

Miami Shores Village Employees F.C.U. has no rating

Mac Neill Employees Credit Union in Sunrise, Florida has no rating

Lee County Mosquito Control C. U. in Ft. Myers, Florida has no rating

The remaining credit unions, most are strong.

Disclaimer: Please seek legal counsel and financial advice from a licensed financial adviser regarding your financial deposits. We are not providing financial or legal advice.


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