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Record Bank Failures August 2010 and Free iPod

Detective Krum

Bank bailouts and taxpayer bailouts have yielded record bank failures. One must ask, What was the reason for all the bailouts?  Who profited the most from all the taxpayer bailouts? How can it be legal to saddle American taxpayers with debt while a specific few line their pockets? Have Americans become lazy and unpatriotic?  Reports of angry Americans do not seem to stop or alter continued pocket lining, why?

Bank failures and takeovers have reached record levels in 2010.  Here is a list for the last three months of bank failures across America.  As of August 20, 2010, we have seen 118 banks fail. In a short 8 months, 118 failed banks.  We have four months to go.  So Victory1Project is giving away a free iPod to the person who posts a comment on our blog guessing the correct number of bank failures we will have for 2010.  See rules below.

Victory1Project Posts Bank Failures

See More 2010 Bank Failures Below

Victory1Project Posts Record Bank Failures

Enter our Bank Failure Contest


Contest Rules: Post a comment on this post guessing what the total bank failures for 2010 will be. Be sure to provide your email so we may contact you if you are the winner.  The person who guesses the exact number of bank failures, for 2010, according to the FDIC reports ( see here ) wins a free iPod from Victory1Project. If more than one person guesses the correct number of bank failures, we will provide each with a brand new iPod. The winner(s) will be posted here the first week of  January 2011.  You MUST have your guess posted on this blog or emailed to us  here no later than November 15th 2010 at midnight EST.  Contest ends November 20th, 2010. Winner(s) notified the first week of January 2011 here on this blog. Send us your information here.


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