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Bank Safety Deposit Boxes Seized

Detective Krum

Detective Krum

Could your bank safety deposit box be seized without reason?  It appears, according to Steve Quayle, one reason for the devaluation of the dollar and bank failures has an anterior motive – the introduction of a new currency, the North American Union new money and according to Steve Quayle, some larger Midwestern banks have sent  Steve a copy of the forms.

The New York Post reported the dollar loses reserve status to the yen and euro. This is not good news for Americans as the United States Congress continues to fleece America and Americans. Read the article here.

What will you do if you walk into your bank and ask to have access to your safety deposit box or account information and you are handed a letter like the Midwestern Banks have provided that says;

Dear (Bank deleted) Customer:

As you may have heard through the news media or learned via a recent visit to (bank deleted), regulations have been imposed limiting access to your financial accounts with our institution. Please understand the withdrawal limits imposed yesterday by governmental organizations including the Internal Revenue Service, F.D.I.C., Federal Reserve, as well as Executive Order (number withheld) signed by President Barack Obama on (date withheld) require us to limit you to a total combined weekly withdrawal of five hundred (500) dollars from one or a combination of all accounts held at (bank name deleted) every seven (7) business days until authorization is received from proper authorities to eliminate this restriction. Again, we apologize for this inconvenience and ask you to realize this situation is totally beyond our control. We regret the difficulty the withdrawal limits imposed on your checking, savings, IRA, and credit-line accounts at (bank deleted) have caused. We hope to continue to serve your banking needs as we truly value your patronage and ask for your understanding in this matter. Please contact us at our toll-free number, (number deleted), if we can provide further assistance.

Sincere yours,

(Name of bank president withheld)

There are several pictures for proposed “new” money available here. But a sample is below.



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