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SunTrust Bank Fraud Allegation

Detective Krum

Detective Krum

There are  many SunTrust Bank articles in this blog, just check the archives.  SunTrust Bank has the highest fee schedule compared to similar institutions.  The following complaint alleges SunTrust Bank fraud.  Couple this complaint, if true, to the factual report showing SunTrust Bank partnering with Florida Trend Magazine to mislead the public regarding SunTrust Bank strength shows a pattern of what appears to be deceitful practices.

I have removed the name of the person filing this complaint. Here is a complete copy of the complaint:

Suntrust Bank fraud

I went online to find out if I had lost my mind… only to find out that there are millions of people just like me out there that have been defrauded by Suntrust Bank.

I have a small Internet business and use my bank card for all of my transactions. This way I always have a record of them. and un like a credit card I have no interest and can not spend beyond the cash on hand.

One night, about 11:00pm when checking my account I noticed that there was a $500.00 hundred dollar charge pending on the account. Mind you my balance at the time was $223.00. a couple of small “legitimate” charges for about $15.00 and 28.00 so this caused the account to be overdrawn. I quickly called the 800 number to find out what the charge was for. I was placed in an endless loop of about 35 minutes and then the call was dropped. I decided I would wait until morning since it was late.

When I contacted customer service the following morning I was told there was nothing I could do until the transaction posted to the account. However, I was given the name of the company that was making the charge. As i suspected the the charge was not from any of my vendors and was indeed fraudulent… Still they insisted there was nothing they could do until it posted to the account.. I checked my account daily to see if the transaction had posted (still not sure why we would wait for a fraudulent charge to post) each night I noticed that not only had the charge not posted but suntrust was now charging me nsf fees for the “unposted fraudulent charge” 32.00 first then 64.00 then 96.00 from the 17th to the 20th when it finally posted they had racked up over $200.00 in fees. Mind you my business is at a stand still because I can not purchase material or process orders.

When it finally posted I called customer service, who transferred me to the fraud department, who told me that I would have to sign and affidavit, have it signed and notarized, return it, and then wait 7-10 days for them to sort this out. I decided not to leave this to fax machines and customer service, I would go directly to the branch an speak with a manager. I did what they asked and was told the 7-10 days is perfectly acceptable for me to wait for this kind of thing to be cleared up . However, again my business is still on hold for another 7-10 days!

My question to any one is this….. why would they pay a “check card” transaction (not a credit card) that was more then the balance IF THE FUNDS ARE UNAVAILABLE RETURN THE CHECK OR DECLINE THE CHARG! The only logical reason is because they want to collect the fees so they allowed a fraudulent charge to be posted to my account even though there was only $200.00 in the account when the fraudulent 500.00 charge came through. Now my account is on hold because they decided to pay it against monies the were not available.

So now my company is on hold while they investigate a charge that they should never have paid in the fist place… and charging me overdraft fees for the privilege. my overdraft fees now have fees (extended overdraft fees)

I am finding an attorney and changing banks as soon as they finish their investigation!

SunTrust Bank has the highest fees and makes a great deal annually from fees as you will notice in their financial report.  SunTrust Bank also participated in the bank bailout scheme and received TARP funds. Taxpayers paid to help bailout SunTrust Bank.


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