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Dollar Demise?

Detective Krum

Detective Krum

Australia currency is getting stronger through raising interest rates and tightening lending practices.  In America, the Federal Reserve Bank and the American government decided to keep the dollar at near zero interest rates weakening the dollar. The question is, If raising interest rates strengthens our currency, the dollar, why does the Federal Reserve refuse to raise interest rates? Could this be a planned event to bring down America by an American Congress and president?

What happens to America if the financial strength of America is weakened, on purpose? Could the world currency be introduced if the dollar fails? Maybe some insight comes from an article alleging oil prices have been denominated in the dollar however, ‘secret’ talks are discussing abandoning the dollar. In part, the article states,

“Reports that secret talks had been held between China and Middle Eastern states about changing the pricing of oil from dollars to a basket of currencies and gold sent the greenback into a renewed slide on foreign exchange markets, despite denials from the governments involved. By late afternoon the euro was up by 0.7% against the dollar at $1.47.” See the full article here.

Are globalists and those supporting a one world government skipping regional currencies and moving stright to a global economy? Time will tell.


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