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Failing Georgia Credit Unions

Detective Krum

Detective Krum

Continuing with our reader’s request for credit union information, you’ll find a list of weak Florida credit unions in a prior post. Below are listed Georgia weak credit unions.

If a credit union has 2 stars it is equivalent to an alphabetical score of a (D) and 1 star is equivalent to an (E) rating. Consider, banks with a (D) rating have already failed so a bank does not have to have an (E) rating or (1-star) rating to fail, it can fail with a (D) rating or (2-star) rating.

Look for sound, local banks and credit unions with strong financial records. See our posts for a list of many banks.

Georgia has almost 175 credit unions and the list of weak Georgia credit unions is here:

(2-stars) Brosnan Yard F.C.U.  Macon, Georgia

(0-stars) Clark Community F.C.U.  Athens, Georgia

(2-stars) Coffee County Teachers F.C.U.  Douglas, Georgia

(2-stars) Georgia Coastal  F.C.U.  Brunswick, Georgia

(1-star) South Dekalb Church F.C.U.  Decatur, Georgia

About 15 credit unions in Georgia do not have a rating and the rest of Georgia’s credit unions have a (3, 4 or 5 star) rating.

South Carolina has about 80 credit unions.

(0-stars) Anderson County Educators F.C.U.  Anderson, S.C.

All other South Carolina credit unions have a (3, 4, or 5 star) rating.

Footnote: I have found many education and church related credit unions appear  to be on the verge of failing.  You may want to double check your credit union if you are doing business with an education related credit union or church related credit union.


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  2. Even if the credit union were to fail, deposits are still insured up to $250,000.

    Comment by Arnold | September 22, 2010

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