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Weak Bank List as of 9/18/2009 Part 2

Detective Krum

Detective Krum

We continue to list weak banks from around the country (America). Please read our disclaimer from our previous weak banks lists.

There are nearly 400 banks considered very weak around the country and recommendations have been made by some to sell all holdings in the weak banks to save potential headaches and fortune losses. Remember, FDIC is back to $100,000 of insurance so if you have over $100,000 in a bank account, you can loose your money over $100,000.

Here is a list of Arkansas weak banks:

Name Recommendation Rating
Legacy National Bank SELL E+
Southern Bank of Commerce SELL E-

Alaska does NOT have any weak banks.

Connecticut has these weak banks:

Name Recommendation Rating
Castle Bank & Trust SELL E+
Darien Rowayton Bank SELL E-
Patriot National SELL E

Hawaii and Idaho do not have any weak banks.

Louisiana  has the following weak banks.

Name Recommendation Rating
Central Progressive Bank SELL E
Statewide Bank SELL E

We will look at connections to these weak banks in future posts.


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  1. What is financial postion of FIM Bank in Malta Europe continantal

    Comment by V.K.Jain | July 25, 2010

  2. What does FIM stand for?

    Comment by Krum | July 25, 2010

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