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Florida’s Weakest Banks as of 9/16/2009

Detective Krum

Detective Krum

Many people have asked us, what banks appear safe?  Even with regulations ( remember Bernie Madoff? ) anyone can cook their books.  We have decided to  attempt to  print a list of each state’s bank conditions. We are not banking experts and do not give banking advice, we only point out information to our readers regarding public record information. Use our information for your education in banking.

Florida appears to have ( 40 ) banks considered in a very weak condition. The “SELL” comment is what investors are suggesting to their clients regarding holdings in the named bank.  The grade (E ) is based on the grading (A) being the highest and best score for a bank and (E) being the lowest and worse score for a bank. The list is here:

AmericanFirst Bank E
Bank of Bonifay SELL E-
Bank of Commerce SELL E
Bank of Florida SELL E+
Bank of Florida SELL E+
Bank of Miami SELL E
CenterBank of Jacksonville N SELL E
Century Bank SELL E-
Coastal Bank SELL E+
Coastal Community Bank SELL E+
Commerce Bank SELL E-
Federal Trust Bank SELL E-
First Bank SELL E-
First City Bank SELL E-
First Federal Bank SELL E+
Flagship National Bank SELL E-
Florida Capital Bank SELL E+
Florida Community Bank SELL E-
Hillcrest Bank SELL E-
Key West Bank SELL E
Liberty Bank SELL E+
Manatee River Community Bank SELL E
Ocean Bank SELL E
Old Harbor Bank SELL E+
Old Southern Bank SELL E+
Olde Cypress Community Bank SELL E-
Orion Bank SELL E-
Partners Bank SELL E-
Peninsula Bank SELL E+
Peoples First Community SELL E
Pilot Bank SELL E
Premier American Bank SELL E-
Prosperity Bank SELL E-
Putnam State Bank SELL E+
Republic Federal Bank SELL E-
Riverside Bank SELL E+
Riverside National SELL E-
Southern Commerce Bank SELL E+
Sun American Bank SELL E-
Valley Bank SELL E+

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  1. I can’t find it – where does Bankunited fit on your list?

    Comment by barbie minor | November 29, 2009

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