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Obama-land Bank Failures

Again Detective Krum responds to the economic issues here at Victory1Project. Our effort in publishing these articles from Detective Krum is done to help our readers obtain victory over their personal finances and to have information to protect their assets.

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Detective Krum

Obama-land Banks Failing?

By: Detective Krum

With elections coming in America, I thought I would look at Senator Obama’s state of Illinois to see how many banks could be in jeopardy. As a Senator serving in Congress, surely Senator Obama would inform his constituents of any coming possible bank failures to protect his constituents, right? Well, it hasn’t made the news if he has informed anyone about which banks might fail in his state, so I will. After all, we are Americans, right?

To understand my terminology, I suggest you read my first post here or you can look at it here.

Illinois has about ( 200 ) banks in possible failing condition with a rating of a (D) or an (E) rating. I am not giving financial advice and am not responsible for any decisions people make from this information or any other I write about. This information is provided so people can make informed decisions. If you knew your bank had a good chance to fail, wouldn’t you want to take your money out and put your money into a safer bank? This information helps people make informed decisions.

Below is a list of banks which is considered to be “red flag” banks. The red flag indicates these banks are at great risk of failing. As mentioned before, A and B rated banks are the best, C and D rated banks indicate yellow flags of warning and E and F rated banks may indicate red flags and almost eminent failure. I have listed banks in the Illinois area which are considered possible risk of failing.

BankRating Bank Name

E+ American Metro Bank Chicago, IL

E – Citizens Bank & Trust Chicago, IL

E Family Bank & Trust Palos Hills, IL

E- First Personal Bank Orland Park, IL

E- First Suburban National, Maywood, IL

E+ McHenry Savings Bank Mchenry, IL

E- Meridian Bank Eldred, IL

E- Milford Building & Loan Milford, IL

E- Platinum Community Bank Rolling Meadows, IL

E Princeville State Bank Princeville, IL

E+ West Town Savings Bank Cicero, IL’

D Anchor State Bank Anchor, IL

D- Bank of Illinois Normal, IL

D- Belmont Bank & Trust Chicago, IL

D- Community Bank Oak Park, IL

This is not an exhaustive list of all the banks and/or thrifts. As I have to end on a positive note for victory1, I have listed some (A) rated banks in Illinois below.

A- Oak Bank Chicago, IL

A People’s National Kewanee, IL

A Reynolds State Bank Reynolds, IL

A- Rochester State Bank Rochester, IL

Senator Obama serves in the 13th District for Illinois according to Wikipedia see here

Neighboring cities or towns include Chicago, Cicero and Oak Park. Overall, about 200 possible bank failures in the Illinois area plus because we have not yet counted those banks and/or insurance companies graded in the low ( C-) range.

For a contrast, when I looked at Arizona where Senator John McCain lives I noticed Arizona has one bank with a failing (E+) grade named First National in Scottsdale, Arizona. The four other with (E) grades are insurance companies. Arizona has what appears to be ( 47 ) (D) rated banks compared to Illinois 174 (D) rated. What does this mean? It would appear there are almost four times as many banks in financial trouble in Illinois where Senator Obama is watchdog compared to Senator McCain’s area of watchdog. Is Senator McCain doing more to protect his constituents in Arizona from banks failing? You need to determine this.


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  3. There are more banks and many more people in Illinois than Arizona, thus, simply comparing numbers is extremely one sided, and frankly means NOTHING!

    Comment by Bank Exam | October 20, 2008

  4. But that doesn’t excuse all the banks in Illinois who are in failing positions. These banks are in the state that Barry Obama is suppose to be on watch. Regardless of your political persuasion, you must look at the facts and the facts show Illinois banks are at greater risk than those in Arizona and if this is a picture of how Illinois representatives protect their constituents, it leaves people wanting not represented.

    Comment by victory1project | October 21, 2008

  5. Notify me of bank failures in IL. Especially interested in Princeville State Bank

    Comment by MaryLouWoodmancy | October 9, 2010

  6. Princeville State is rated an ( E+ )

    Comment by Krum | October 11, 2010

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