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Florida Banks Failing?

With people focusing on the bank issues, Victory 1 Project wanted to help you have victory with your financial future with appropriate information. We have provided Detective Krum a forum here to explain.

Detective Krum Investigates

Detective Krum

Florida Banks Failing?

By: DetectiveKrum

People receive credit scores to determine, by lenders, the person’s credit-worthiness. To keep my investigation easy to understand, I will lump a variety of financial organizations which include banks, credit unions, insurance companies and so forth, into one category for now, called lenders or banks. Technically, a credit union is not a bank, but a credit union. But for this report, I will call them all banks.

As I researched banks, in lieu of the current economic conditions in America, I was interested in bank failures. With IndyMac bank failing and watching many wait outside the bank in California, I wanted to know why IndyMac depositors were not aware of their bank failing in advance. If you know your bank is in a position to fail, what would you do about your deposits? FDIC – Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation provides depositors up to $ 100,000 insurance. But you might wait months to get your money from FDIC and you could loose your car or house by then. What if you could share with people, their bank’s rating in advance? What if you could show depositors, in advance, how strong or weak their bank is? People could make informed decisions and decide if they want to change banks or not.

This investigation looks at Florida. Why Florida? Because a lot of pension money, retirement accounts and life savings have been put into Florida banks as more and more retirees head south. Clearly, this list is not complete and if your bank is not on this list, email or comment and I will look into your bank’s stability.

Banks are generally rated by stars or letters. For stars, a five star rating is the best you can get and one star is the worst rating. For letters, A is the best and F the worst. The rule of thumb by most investors?  I am using the letter rating system. A bank that is rated an A or B, this the best rating for a bank. This A or B means your bank has a green light for your account and everything should be just fine.  A grade of C or D means yellow flags of caution should be going up to the depositor and they need to be prepared to make a quick move if necessary.  A bank rated as an E or F means red flags should go up and you would be wise to remove your money out of that bank before it closes. Even with FDIC, it could take a long time to figure out deposits before you could see your money from FDIC.

The list below is listing Florida banks in the lower E and F grade. These banks may be in serious trouble and appear  likely to close. If you are banking with these institutions, it might be wise to remove your deposits and find an A or B bank. If you have a loan with an E or F graded bank, keep making your payments on time. This list in no way reflects giving financial advice to anyone. Use this information as you research your bank’s solvency at your own risk. I am reporting what I see through documents supplied through FDIC and other sources.

This list of E and F graded banks is not conclusive and if you do not see your bank on this list and want to know where your bank stands, email or comment here.

(E+) – Commerce Bank of Ft. Myers, Florida

(E-) – Federal Trust Bank Sanford, Florida

(E)  – First Florida Bank Naples, Florida

(E-) – First Priority Bank Bradenton, Florida

(E+) – Florida Community Bank Immokalee, Florida

(E-) – Freedom Bank Bradenton, Florida

(E) – Ocala National Bank Ocala, Florida

(D) – Alarion Bank of Ocala Ocala, Florida

(D) – American First Bank Clermont, Florida

(E-) Federal Trust Bank Sanford, Florida

(D) First Avenue National Bank Ocala, Florida

(D) – Gateway Bank Ocala, Florida

(D) – Bank of Central Florida Lakeland, Florida

(D+) – Bank of Coral Gables Coral Gables, Florida

(D) – Bank Trust Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

(D-) – Beach Community Bank Ft. Walton Beach, Florida

(D+) – Biscayne Bank Coconut Grove, Florida

(D) – First Bank Jacksonville, Florida

(D) – Gateway Bank Ocala, Florida

(D-) – Great Eastern Bank Miami, Florida

(D+) Great Florida Bank Miami, Florida

(D-) – Sunrise Bank Cocoa Beach, Florida

This is not an exhaustive list of possible failing banks in Florida. There are about 3,000 (D rated) banks in the country another 500 of (E rated) banks.  Banks may have certain branches under different names and different parent companies. Wachovia  shows five different names all under a different rating. Two of the Wachovia banks have a  (B rating) and the other three Wachovias have a (C or low C rating). Citi Bank is allegedly buying Wachovia. Is this buyout a move on Citi Bank’s part to obtain Wachovia before ratings drop further and Wachovia fails?  Another bank to watch to maybe fail or be bought up is SunTrust Bank, based in Atlanta, Georgia yet servicing many states. SunTrust has a (C-) rating showing yellow flags of caution here and you may want to spread out your deposits to other banks.

Victory 1 Project asked me to end on a positive note, so here goes. For Florida, here is a list of (A rated) banks you may want to consider moving deposits into. Again, this list is not exhaustive.

Hillsboro Bank  Plant City, Florida

City National  Miami, Florida

Drummond Community Bank Chiefland, Fl

Community State Bank of Starke Florida

There are about (14 – A rated) banks in Florida and about 110 (B rated) banks in Florida. Readers may want to locate these banks to feel secure during this financial examination. One question readers need to ask: “How does Congress choose what banks they want taxpayers to bail out? What Constitutional authority does Congress have to bailout any business in a free market society? Of the banks Congress chooses to bail out, how much money did each Congressman make from these banks prior to the real estate bust and now?

Detective Krum 9/27/2008


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  1. 1st Bank Florida ?

    Comment by jOHN | September 27, 2008

  2. Hi John,
    You have to provide more information for me. There was a:
    First Bank of Florida
    450 South Australian Avenue
    West Palm Beach,FL 33401
    But this bank went inactive:
    This is an inactive institution.
    Inactive as of: October 29, 1998
    Closing history: Merged without Assistance into
    Acquiring institution: Republic Security Bank – (32254)

    There is a 1st Bank based in Evanston, Wyoming which has a B+ rating but without more information I cannot be sure it if applies to you.
    Detective Krum

    Comment by victory1project | September 28, 2008

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  4. Could you please look into Total Bank for me and if possible send complete list of A rated banks in Florida. I am specifically looking for other A rated banks in Miami other than City National.

    Many thanks,

    Comment by maria elena rico | September 28, 2008

  5. Total Bank is listed as Totalbank Miami, Florida and it has a rating of C+ which is considered “fair”. I listed City National of Miami, Florida which shows it has an ( A ) rating. Hope that helps. If you have any other question feel free to comment here. City National is the only ( A ) Rated bank in Miami. BAC Florida Bank in Miami is Rated ( B- ) Coconut Grove Bank in Miami is Rated ( B – ) Eastern National in Miami is Rated ( B- ) Mercantil Commercebank (one word) of Miami is Rated ( B- ) Hope these help.
    Detective Krum

    Comment by victory1project | September 28, 2008

  6. Dear Detective Krum
    I need to move some uninsured money ( over the 100,000 fdic insured) out of Wachovia, to a securer bank in Ft Pierce Fl.. Which of these are more secure at the moment

    Riverside Bank, National City, First Peoples Bank,BankAtlanta, Bank of America

    I want to put it in a moneyMarket acct. so I can use it
    Thank you Marian E. Crane

    Comment by Marian E, Crane | September 28, 2008

  7. Marian,

    Thank you for asking. Let’s start with Riverside Bank.
    Riverside Bank has six banks.
    1. Cape Coral, Florida Rated ( D- )
    2. Winter Park, Florida Rated ( D+ )
    3. Ft. Pierce, Florida Rated (C+ )
    4. Arkansas and Illinois, one in each is rated ( C+ )
    5. Poughkeepsie, NY Rated ( B )
    It appears the Florida banks could be in trouble. Is the NY bank helping keep the Florida banks open?

    National City Bank has three:
    1. Cleveland, Ohio Rated ( D )
    2. Overland Park, Kansas Rated ( C )
    3. New York, NY Rated ( A )

    First People’s Bank has four banks. The one in Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky all have ( B, B- , B+ ) the one in Port St. Lucie in Florida is Rated ( D- ).

    Bank Atlanta has one and is Rated ( C+ )
    Bank America has eight.

    1. Greenville, DE Rated ( U ) Means undefined (flags would go up to meon that).
    2. Texas is Rated ( E )
    3. Portland, OR Rated ( C )
    4. Rhode Island is Rated ( C )
    5. Utah Rated ( C+ )
    6. San Fran, CA Rated ( B- )
    7. Atlanta, GA Rated ( B- )
    8. Charlotte, NC Rated ( B- )

    Marian – You would have to give me an idea as to the cities and states you would be interested in and I can provide the ratings for the best banks. Ft. Pierce, Florida is not showing any ( A ) or ( B ) rated banks. You need to find a bank and chances are, they are a branch office. You need to ask the bank this branch is part of what bank? Located where? Now the bank will wonder why you are curious and as a potential customer of a bank I would tell them I am researching solvency before making my decision. If the bank will not tell you this information it may be a violation but, I wouldn’t mess with them, I’d find another bank. So ask the bank then ask me by posting in the comments.
    Hope that helps.

    I am not giving financial advice or providing legal or financial information. I am only providing public record information for people to make informed decisions.
    Detective Krum

    Comment by victory1project | September 29, 2008

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  9. How about RBC Banks. They recently purchased Florida Choice banks in Kissimmee and St. Cloud florida? I beleive they also have the name Royal Bank of Canada but not sure.

    Comment by Kurt | September 29, 2008

  10. Kurt thanks for asking. RBC has two listings.

    1. RBC Centura based in Raleigh, NC which has a ( C- ) Rating
    2. RBC Centura Card Bank in Atlanta, GA has a ( D+ ) Rating
    To determine if the RBC in Kissimmee or St. Cloud are part of these you need to read your paperwork from signing up for your account or look at where you mail payments, this will tell you what bank you are dealing with North Carolina or Georgia and just to be sure, ask them – this branch office is affiliated with the NC or GA office.

    Florida Choice Bank is Mt. Dora, Florida and rated ( D )

    You may want to rethink moving funds to a safer bank.
    Detective Krum

    Comment by victory1project | September 29, 2008

  11. thank you for the information. Is there a website that we can look up what a banks rating currently is? This way while I am shopping around I can compare each rating to help evaluate and make a decision/

    Comment by Kurt | September 29, 2008

  12. Kurt,
    Just go to FDIC’s website.
    Detective Krum

    Comment by victory1project | September 29, 2008

  13. I’m looking for a financial rating for the Peoples First Community Bank. Some where there should be a letter rating for this bank.

    Comment by Richard A. Davis | September 29, 2008

  14. Peoples First Community has one office in Panama City, Florida and it has a rating of ( B- ) Hope that helps.
    Detective Krum

    Comment by victory1project | September 30, 2008

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  19. […] I never said Bank of Coral Gables was a poorly rated bank. What I said is, “A grade of C or D means yellow flags of caution should be going up to the depositor and they need to be prepared to make a quick move if necessary. “ See Florida Banks Failing. […]

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  20. Could you list the A and B rated Banks in Ocala, Florida that would be the safest to put money into such as CD’s and Money Markets. I understand Alarion Bank is a D rated bank, however accounts are still FDIC insured up to $250,000 if properly titled.

    Comment by Diane J. | October 22, 2008

  21. Hi Diane,
    Yes Alarion is rated D and although they are FDIC insured to $250,000 after December 31, 2008 that $ 250,000 goes back to $ 100,000. They increase in FDIC is temporary only. If they fail, you might wait to get your money until FDIC sifts through everything and if you have a mortgage or car payment, you’re at risk in D or E rated banks. Even C rated banks are risky – that is what Wachovia was rated before they went broke – bought by Wells Fargo.

    As to A or B rated banks in Ocala, Florida? There are none.
    Bank America has 5 banks 3 are C rated and 2 B rated.
    SunTrust is C-
    Regions is C
    Central Florida State Bank Belleview is C-
    Community Bank & Trust is C+ (Ocala Office)
    First Avenue National is a D
    Gateway is a C-
    Independent National is C-
    Ocala National is E- (and I believe will fail soon)
    The only bank in the Ocala area that appears OK is Florida Citizens Bank in Gainesville which has a B- rating.

    To see a list of bank failures from FDIC go Here

    You understand I do not give financial advice nor am I responsible for any decisions my readers make. If I can help further, let me know.

    Comment by victory1project | October 23, 2008

  22. The 14 A rated and 110 B rated banks you spoke of earlier under Banks Failing in Florida, are located where and what are the names so that I can research where would be the safest banks to use as my CD’s become due. If Alarion were to fail, wouldn’t I be penalized for taking my CD out before maturity to protect my investment? Thank you for the list.

    Comment by Diane J. | October 23, 2008

  23. Diane just go to: and look up any of the banks. I do not give financial advice so I cannot advise you about your CDs. You might want to ask your bank and determine what is the best way for you to go. I’m pointing out banks are at risk, why they are at risk and how you can check your bank. One other point, banks usually tell you what their assets are but you will want to confirm this through FDIC where you can look at financial reports for each bank.

    Comment by victory1project | October 25, 2008

  24. Of the Ocala, Fl listed banks, Gateway, First Avenue, and Ocala National are up to their arm pits with foreclosures and deliquent loans to local home builders many of which are on their respective Booard of Directors. The first two just completed Taj Mahal like headquarter buildings while Ocala National expanded with brick & mortar branches within stones throw of several competitors.

    Looks like Sun Trust and Regions are about to receive Fed bail out so they look good. Locally owned Independent National appears to have taken a conservative track but its too early.

    Best bet in Ocala is Wachovia. Good CD rates, numerous locations, and Well Fargo safety net

    Comment by Jay | October 28, 2008

  25. Jay,
    I do not agree with SunTrust & Regions being OK – SunTrust just committed fraud which is being looked into and there is a good chance CitiBank will buy up SunTrust as they tried earlier.
    Wachovia is not a good bet in Ocala and do not spam my list with CD rates. There isn’t an A or B rated bank in Ocala, Florida, it appears more greed in Ocala than anything.

    Comment by victory1project | October 31, 2008

  26. I have a CD at Peoples First Community Bank headquartered in Panama City, Fl. It is my biggest IRA Account CD, currently $170,000,(IRA ACCts insured to 250,000). It matures 2/12/09. I would lose 6% times 150,000 if close it before then, costing me 4,500. Its Bauer rating just dropped to one star(was 4 star when I purchased CD). Should I blow the $4,500 penalty or wait it out til it matures in 2 months.
    Thanks, J.Hollis Goodroe

    Comment by Joseph Hollis. Goodroe | December 14, 2008

  27. Correction. My loss for early out would be 6% divided by 2, or 3% times $150,000(original CD amt), or $4,500 total penalty.

    Thanks again. Hollis Goodroe

    Comment by Joseph Hollis. Goodroe | December 14, 2008

  28. How do i tell if a bank in NC is going under: Cooperative Bank in Wilmington.


    Comment by Lorna | January 12, 2009

  29. Joseph –
    Peoples First in Panama City has a D- rating and may not be a good choice. I can not give financial advice and I am not giving any financial advice – you need to decide for yourself what you should do – seek a qualified person to help with your investments.

    Lorna –
    Cooperative Bank in Wilmington NC has a C- rating.
    You can check banks out at FDIC’s website and I might suggest the following:

    If a bank is involved in “the bailout” from Congress, there may be a possibility they had someone on the inside who was connected well enough to save their skin. It appears that may be what has helped SunTrust. You might want to ask yourself if you want to really do business with a company like that.

    Comment by victory1project | January 13, 2009

  30. Riverside National Bank Of Florida was listed on TV 2/14/09 as one of many banks in Flordia that are in trouble. How true is this and what banks are strong in Florida. Riverside has made a statement in the last few months that they are strong and do not foresee any trouble ahead. Thanks Veronica

    Comment by Veronica | February 15, 2009

  31. Riverside has 3 locations do it depends on what one you are talking about. Here are the 3:
    Cape Coral, FL has an E- rating and I would not do business with them but you have to decide for yourself.
    Ft. Pierce, FL has a D- rating again I wouldn’t but you decide.
    Winter Park, FL also has a D- rating.

    SunTrust received money from the bailout so you could say the taxpayer now subsidizes SunTrust. Their rating is still a C- and with the commercial real estate to tank worse than home mortgages (simply because of $ amounts – banks loose more) I would not feel comfortable doing business with any bank that is not local to your area and can show their auditors are truly independent – so they don’t ‘cook’ their books on paper.

    Remember- corporate media including television, needs ad sales and they do not want to start a “panic” yet their are poised to allow viewers to loose their shirts for ad revenue. Veronica – do your homework on any bank or business and FDIC’s website is fair – people still cook books.

    Comment by victory1project | February 16, 2009

  32. One other thing Veronica – if you look at comment #7 above, you’ll see I addressed Riverside Bank back on Sept. 29, 2008 and you will also notice their bank rating has gone DOWN since September 2008. Not good for them.

    We also said Ocala National Bank was in real trouble and they closed about 1 month ago.

    Comment by victory1project | February 16, 2009

  33. What about the Riverside National Bank Of Florida in West Melbourne Florida? It is part of Riverside National Bank Of Florida that is in Ft Pierce Fl.. They also have one in Okeechobee, Fl. I have heard that Riverside is solid and is still loaning money. I am confused. What banks is Melbourne/West Melbourne are A/B rated. Veroncia

    Comment by Veronica | February 16, 2009

  34. Veronica-
    First, let me apologize for some mis-spelled words before – I was typing fast to get an answer to you.

    As for Riverside National Bank – Here is the latest from FDIC: (I would not do business with Riverside unless I could have proof through verified independent auditors)

    Press Release:
    IB Bank, Naples, Florida, Assumes All of the Deposits of Riverside Bank of the Gulf Coast, Cape Coral, Florida

    February 13, 2009
    Media Contact:
    David Barr (202) 898-6992
    Cell: (703) 622-4790

    Riverside Bank of the Gulf Coast, Cape Coral, Florida, was closed today by the Florida Office of Financial Regulation, which appointed the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) as receiver. To protect the depositors, the FDIC entered into a purchase and assumption agreement with TIB Bank, Naples, Florida, to assume all of the deposits of Riverside Bank.

    Due to the observance of Presidents’ Day on Monday, Riverside’s nine offices will reopen on Tuesday as branches of TIB Bank. Depositors of Riverside Bank will automatically become depositors of TIB Bank. Deposits will continue to be insured by the FDIC, so there is no need for customers to change their banking relationship to retain their deposit insurance coverage. Customers of both banks should continue to use their existing branches until TIB Bank can fully integrate the deposit records of Riverside Bank.

    Over the weekend, depositors of Riverside Bank can access their money by writing checks or using ATM or debit cards. Checks drawn on the bank will continue to be processed. Loan customers should continue to make their payments as usual.

    As of December 31, 2008, Riverside Bank had total assets of approximately $539 million and total deposits of $424 million. TIB Bank agreed to pay the FDIC a premium of 1.3 percent.

    TIB Bank will not assume $142.6 million in brokered deposits held by Riverside Bank. The FDIC will pay the brokers directly for the amount of their funds. Customers who placed money with brokers should contact them directly for more information about the status of their deposits.

    Customers who have questions about today’s transaction can call the FDIC toll-free at 1-800-823-5028. This phone number will be operational this evening until 9:00 p.m., EST; on Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., EST; on Sunday from noon to 6:00 p.m., EST; and thereafter from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., EST.

    Customers who would like more information about today’s transaction can also visit the FDIC’s Web site at

    In addition to assuming all of the deposits of Riverside Bank, TIB Bank agreed to purchase approximately $125 million in assets, comprised mainly of cash, cash equivalents and marketable securities. The FDIC will retain the remaining assets for later disposition.

    The FDIC estimates that the cost to the Deposit Insurance Fund will be $201.5 million. TIB Bank’s acquisition of all of the deposits was the “least costly” resolution for the FDIC’s Deposit Insurance Fund compared to alternatives. Riverside Bank is the eleventh bank to fail in the nation this year. The last bank to fail in Florida was Ocala National Bank on January 30, 2009.

    Riverside Bank of the Gulf Coast is not affiliated with either Riverside National Bank of Florida, Fort Pierce, or with Riverside Bank of Central Florida, Winter Park.

    # # #

    Comment by victory1project | February 17, 2009

  35. What is fifth third bank rating at this time?

    Comment by alan | June 2, 2009

  36. Fifth Third Bank has 3 offices – the others are branches of these 3 offices.
    1. Nashville, Tenn rated C-
    2. Cincinnati, Ohio is rated a C-
    3. Grand Rapids, Mich. is rated D+
    If you are dealing with a branch, look on your paperwork from your account & it should tell you what corporate office they work through. If your paperwork does not, then ask at your bank.

    Comment by Detective Krum | June 2, 2009

  37. Please give me a rating for Regions Bank in Ocala, FL.

    Comment by Elaine | August 19, 2009

  38. Regions Bank is based out of Birmingham, Alabama and is rated “weak” at a D+ SunTrust is rated “weak” too at a D- both banks appear to be in serious trouble. Colonial Bank in Florida just closed & Taylor, Bean & Whittaker are in trouble too. Consider credit unions. Community Trust & Bank of Ocala has a C+ – Community Trust & Bank appears to be the best bet in your area at this time. Hope that helps.

    Comment by victory1project | August 19, 2009

  39. I am moving to Citrus County Florida and they have a Suntrust Bank there, do you know how they rate?

    Thank You

    Comment by Connie | August 20, 2009

  40. Regarding SunTrust – have you not read all the posts on this blog about SunTrust? Check them out.

    Comment by Krum | August 25, 2009

  41. I am interested in the rating of the Orian Bank, Cape Coral, Florida branch.Their home office is in Naples, Florida.
    Also are their any A or B rated banks in Cape Coral, Florida?
    Thank you.

    Comment by Ken Burt | August 30, 2009

  42. Orion Bank based in Naples, Florida has an (E-) rating and it appears they are going to fail very soon. If it were me, I’d close my account in Orion Bank immediately, but that’s just me.
    As for Cape Coral, I use to live there believe it or not but anyway, if you have any of these banks in your area:
    1. City National based out of Miami has an (A-) rating, very good.
    2. First State Bank based in Arcadia, FL has a (B-) rating, pretty good.
    That’s about it. Most banks in Florida that are doing well are based in North Florida or North Central Florida except Miami has many banks with good ratings. It appears all banks from Tampa due east and to south Florida are struggling or at high risk of failure except Miami. So I might suggest you look for a branch in Cape Coral that is based out of Miami. Good luck. Hope that helps and thanks for reading our posts.

    Comment by victory1project | August 31, 2009

  43. We were wondering the Rating on Bank United in Naples,Fl. We know they were bought out some time ago . Which Bank would you say that would be SAFE to Park your Money untill CD’S go up ?

    Comment by Linda | September 15, 2009

  44. You need to re-check the corporate name of the bank. If you have read our blog posts, you’ll find information on many Florida banks. It appears the most stable banks in Florida are located in Miami or north and north central Florida. If you provide a corporate name we can look into. Thanks for reading our blog.

    Comment by victory1project | September 16, 2009

  45. Would you give me a rating for Mercantile Bank in Starke,Fla.606 West Madison St. zip 32091 (a div. of Carolina First Bank)

    Comment by Vera Hazen | October 22, 2009

  46. I am also interested in “Capital Bank” located in Starke,Florida 352 N. Temple Ave.Fl. 32091

    Comment by Vera Hazen | October 22, 2009

  47. Carolina First is based in Greenville SC and is rated a (D)
    Mercantile Bank has several offices:
    Illinois Rated (D+)
    Missouri Rated (A)
    Michigan Rated ( D-)
    No South Carolina.
    About Capital Bank – there are 4:
    Jacksonville Rated (E+)
    Sunrise Rated (D)
    Marianna Rated (D)
    Ft. Myers Rated (D)

    You might want to ask the Capital Bank in Starke, what office is their corporate office. Hope that helps.

    Comment by victory1project | October 23, 2009

  48. Is there a similar site to yours regarding other areas in the US?
    Where does Bankunited rank?

    Comment by barbie minor | November 29, 2009

  49. There is no bank spelled the way you spelled their name. As for banks throughout the country – we give information on banks all over the United States. There is a bank called 1st United Bank located in Boca Raton, Florida that has a very weak rating of (D+). If this is not the bank you are interested in, look at the bank’s information sheet they give and give me the specific name and spelling.

    Comment by Krum | November 30, 2009

  50. I would certainly appreciate your rating info on two banks in Navarre, Florida: Regions & Suntrust. Anticipating your response.

    Comment by Elizabeth Jones | December 27, 2009

  51. Liz,
    Ratings aren’t based on branch offices, they are based on corporate strength. Regions Bank has a rating of (D+) which is not good. So all Regions Bank branches could close any day or if Regions becomes more solvent the branches could stay open. SunTrust Bank is weaker yet – SunTrust’s rating is a dismal (D-).

    Would you put yourself, your children, your mother and father into a vehicle that has 2 flat tires, an over-heating problem and no seat belts? When you put your life’s savings into banks that appear to be mismanaged and very weak, you risk – well you get the picture. Happy New Year.

    Comment by Krum | December 27, 2009

  52. Thankyou for your response 12/27/09. It sounds as if I should be searching for another bank! How can I find out the name of an A or B rated bank in the Destin/Fort Walton Beach, Fl. area?

    Comment by Elizabeth Jones | January 1, 2010

  53. I am about to invest in a CD with the Community Bank and Trust of Florida located in Ocala. Can you give me there rating? Are they involved in the TARP program for failing banks?

    Comment by david | January 12, 2010

  54. David,
    Community Bank & Trust has a ( D- ) rating. There are some newer banks with better ratings and you may want to consider a credit union – the fees are lower at credit unions and many credit unions are doing better than banks.

    Comment by Krum | January 16, 2010

  55. Elizabeth,
    Hancock Bank in Tallahassee has a (B-) most banks based in Florida appear to be in poor condition. There are some exceptions but you would have to provide a bank you are thinking about because I cannot look for a bank with a good rating for you – some banks are not based in Florida, but have branches in Florida. Their ratings are based on the corporate office (whatever state). So provide a name and we’ll go from there.

    Comment by Krum | January 16, 2010

  56. Could you supply a rating on Bank of AMERICA?

    Comment by Liz | February 4, 2010

  57. Bank of America has 4 corporate offices:

    San Francisco Rated (C)
    Portland Oregon Rated (C)
    Charlotte NC Rated (D+)
    Providence RI Rated (C)

    Hope that helps.

    Comment by Krum | February 4, 2010

  58. Great information. Thank you in advance. I am wondering about Mercantile Bank in boca raton and coral springs florida. I have noticed some changes in the way we have been doing business. New fees and less service. Not good.

    Comment by Louramore | February 21, 2010

  59. Louramore,
    Mercantile has three banks. You need to look at your paperwork to see where their corporate office is located. It will be one of these three:

    1. Grand Rapids Michigan Rated (D- )
    2. Louisiana, Missouri Rated (A )
    3. Quincey, Illinois (D+ )

    If your branch is based in Missouri, your branch appears in great shape. If your branch is based out of the other two locations, it appears to be in a fail mode.

    Hope that helps.

    Comment by Krum | February 23, 2010

  60. What is the rating of Mercantile Bank with headquarters in Coral Gables, Fl?

    Comment by Naomi Honig | March 1, 2010

  61. Naomi,
    The Coral Gables Mercantile Bank is most likely a branch office and not a corporate office. You need to ask your local bank where their corporate office is located. Chances are, it is one of the following:
    1. Grand Rapids Michigan Rated (D- )
    2. Louisiana, Missouri Rated (A )
    3. Quincey, Illinois (D+ )

    Comment by Krum | March 1, 2010

  62. Hi ! I would like to know the rating on Regions Bank of Navarre, Florida….

    Comment by Dan Swetnam | March 21, 2010

  63. Dan,
    We posted on Regions Bank before. Their corporate office is based in Alabama and their rating is ( D+ ).

    Comment by Krum | March 21, 2010

  64. I hear rumors of pending failure of Suntrust Bank. Will they be bought by another with seamless transition, or should I set up with another bank for my social security and annuity deposits as well as four automatic withdrawal payments for various monthly bills?

    Have a small mortgage with and another anuity monthly deposit with Third Federal Savings & Loan of Cleveland, Ohio. There is a very high rated Third Federal Bank in PA. Is this the same institution?

    Comment by marlene salamone | April 18, 2010

  65. We do not give financial advice. You may want to seek out a financial adviser to answer your specific questions. Marlene, we can say SunTrust Bank, based in Atlanta, Georgia has had possible buyout issues before.

    SunTrust Bank’s rating is (D- ) which reflects possible warning signs. Look at some of our SunTrust articles. SunTrust, in our opinion, did misrepresent their financial strength in Florida Trend Magazine and we pointed out the information SunTrust supplied Florida Trend was outdated information and Florida Trend failed to pick up the bad information. If I had an account in SunTrust – I’d find another bank but that’s me.

    Comment by Krum | April 19, 2010

  66. We are wondering why banks such as Florida Capital Bank and Chase (Chase Manhatten) Bank are not on any lists: Good, Bad or Ugly. Can you please research these institutions! We are thinking of changing banks and would like info on these two !!

    Comment by Dennis | May 28, 2010

  67. We are wondering why 2 local Florida banks have not showed up on any lists of good, bad or ugly?

    Florida Capital Bank & Chase !

    Does anyone know how these banks rate? If yes, please forward the results asap.



    Comment by Dennis Roderigues | May 28, 2010

  68. Theresa,
    Florida Capital Bank is based in Jacksonville, Florida and their rating is ( E+ ) Chase Bank is based in Delaware and has a ( C- ) rating. JP Morgan Chase has two corporate banks, one in Michigan and one in Ohio – both have a rating of ( C ).

    Thanks for your question.

    Comment by Krum | May 29, 2010

  69. How do the Credit Unions rate in this banking fiasco? Especially, GTE Federal Credit Union. Please give me your input!

    Dennis Roderigues

    Comment by Dennis Roderigues | June 2, 2010

  70. Can you let me want rate do Gte Credit Union Give in FL This Gte Credit Union is Good Or Bad.
    Thank You

    Comment by Dennis Roderigues | June 3, 2010

  71. Dennis,
    Credit Unions have similar ratings. A five star is like an A rating. 4Stars = B 3Stars=C 2Stars=D 1Star=E

    GTE Federal Credit Union has a 2 star rating similar to a (D) rating. Hope that helps.

    Comment by Krum | June 7, 2010

  72. Want is good Rate Bank in St Petersburg FL
    Thank You
    Dennis Roderigues

    Comment by Dennis Roderigues | June 9, 2010

  73. That’s hard to say. Some banks have branches in Florida (like SunTrust Bank) but they are based in Georgia so I can’t just give names of banks with good ratings for St. Pete. I can say Bank of Tampa in Tampa is the only bank in the Tampa area with a fair rating (C+) but that doesn’t mean the other banks have bad ratings. You would have to give me a bank name, then I could tell you the rating.

    You will find most credit unions like Florida Central Credit Union, in Tampa has an excellent rating. GTE Federal Credit Union has equivalent to a (D) rating. Most credit unions however, have good ratings and are insured.

    Comment by Krum | June 10, 2010

  74. Frist Third Bank
    Bank of Alantic
    Do There Have Good in St petersburg FL
    Thank You
    Dennis Roderigues

    Comment by Dennis Roderigues | June 10, 2010

  75. More information jacksonville mortgaged home to decide how to analyze and help you.

    Comment by ngvxsie | June 25, 2010

  76. Ngvxsie,
    You spammed our blog with your website. You fail to tell readers Jacksonville, Florida is yes, in Duval county but the city of Jacksonville annexed the whole county so it is misleading to say Jacksonville is the largest by land and population because the city annexed the whole county. Would Jacksonville still be the largest if Miami-Dade county annexed the whole county? I think not so don’t mislead readers if you want your blog to grow truthfully.
    Detective Krum.

    Comment by Krum | June 25, 2010

  77. Thanks for the info..any news re First bank in Bradenton, fl?

    Comment by joyce | June 28, 2010

  78. Joyce,
    There has to be more to their name than just First Bank. There is a Bank First with a (B- )rating. There is a SouthFirst Bank with a (D) rating. Hope that helps.

    Comment by Krum | June 29, 2010

  79. What is the rating on Beach Community Bank in Ft. Walton Beach, Fl right now?
    Thanks for your comment.

    Comment by Chris | August 23, 2010

  80. Chris,
    Beach Community Bank in Ft Walton Beach is rated an (E). In my opinion, if I had an account at this bank I would very seriously considering closing my account, removing my money and find a stronger bank. With an (E) rating I might predict this bank will go into receivership before the year is out.

    Comment by Krum | August 24, 2010

  81. Thank you for your comment, dated August 24, 2010. I was hoping that the rating for Beach Community Bank had improved since you first published the above list, instead it dropped even further.
    So we better take your advise and look for a safer place to park our money. Could you give me a few names of GOOD banks in the Ft. Walton Beach, Fl area? I would really appreciate it and thanks in advance.


    Comment by Chris | August 30, 2010

  82. Bank of the South in Pensacola has (B-) rating. That is all I have for north Florida. That does NOT mean however that is the only bank with a good bank rating. There are banks that are not based in Florida that could have a good bank rating but do business in Florida and to give you those names I would have to search every bank in the country for you. Sorry, cannot go through the hay stack. You can give me a name and I might be able to tell you. I would suggest you consider credit unions.Krum

    Comment by Krum | August 30, 2010

  83. Thank you for your speedy reply.
    We are seriously considering depositing all our savings in the local Credit Union, just so we can sleep well at night. There is one bank, however, that I am interested in finding out what rating you have for it, since this bank is always advertising higher rates than most other banks in this area. It is Community Bank Destin, located at 12590 Emerald Coast Parkway,Miramar Beach, Fl 32550.
    Thank you for all your help.

    Comment by Chris | August 30, 2010

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